Music Together with Mrs. Chrisi is proud to offer class scholarships!

Applicants for scholarships are asked to answer the following questions and submit them via email. Scholarships will be awarded as funds are available. In order to give as many families as possible the opportunity to participate in Music Together with Mrs. Chrisi classes, partial scholarships will be awarded at the Director's discretion. 

If you have questions regarding scholarships, or would care to contribute to this fund, please do not hesitate to contact Chrisi Dotson.


1) Why are you interested in attending Music Together with Mrs. Chrisi with your family?

2) Music Together® greatly values the participation of primary caregivers in class, are you willing to fully participate to the best of your ability?

3) What percentage of a subsidy will meet your need, allowing your family to join our classes?

4) Do you have a special skill or talent that you would like to share with Music Together with Mrs. Chrisi as a barter toward tuition?

5) Please indicate names of the children you are applying for and their ages.