Family Feedback

See what the grown-ups have to say about their class experience and the impact of Music Together® in their families!

"I was in the pool with Morgan (just under 2 years) and was just holding her and swaying her back and forth in the water. She started singing the "Apples and Cherries" song from class and sang the whole thing like three times in the sweetest voice. It clearly was soothing to her. She also led me in the whole intro to class the other day with the "ha ha ha he he he hello goodbye hello goodbye". She obviously loves your class!"


"Was just thinking of this today and had to share with you. I think it is so hard for parents these days to just BE with their kids, not multi-tasking, half listening - half on their phone, trying to get their kids to do something or on to the next thing, myself included. What I love about Music Together is that it has helped shape me to see how fun and rewarding it is for ME (and my kids!) to have that intentional and focused togetherness each week. It is valuable music education but SO MUCH MORE! I know that it means SO much for kids in a world of very distracted parents. The time together in class is the boost I need to continue it throughout the week. Thank you!"


"Anna has been singing verses from the Fiddle collection!!!  It has really helped unlock her speech!  Thank you for making such a strong impression on Anna."


"Andrew and I were laughing hysterically Monday night as Caitlyn was a little crazy as we put her down to sleep. She laid in her bed and sang every song that you guys did in class on Monday. It was so funny and so animated! You have definitely made a positive impact on her life and we are thankful for the classes and the relationship we have established. Have a great holiday season and we will see you in the new year!"


"Thank you so much for sharing your passion for music with Hunter (Gavin too :)  We have enjoyed you and the class and hope to come back in the fall.  Thank you again!"


"Mrs. Chrisi teaches with obvious passion and this makes her joy for music  and song totally contagious for adults and children alike. Thank you!"


"Mrs. Chrisi is an amazing teacher and the kids are all drawn to her. Coveted in their little shells of hiding she tries to draw them out and teach them to be expressive, to dance and to sing and let’s them know that it’s okay. There’s no wrong answer.  She asks them questions related to the music, sings about different things depending on the child’s answer (if they answer, and the less shy do). It’s personal. At various times during the class the kids line up and take turns to sit on Mrs. Chrisi’s lap, and I’m not kidding. Last week she had two in the middle and one on each knee, which probably makes it impossible to teach a class but when the kids feel more comfortable with her I could tell they felt more comfortable with themselves. They’re becoming more secure in their world of music and expression.

...Children of all ages are responding. They’re learning to match tones, they’re learning rhythm, and I might say they keep a better beat than I. Logan is more inclined to want to dance at home with me now instead of giving me the “please,  stop mom” face. When I put the CD’s on the kids still get excited but Olivia gets this fire in her eyes now, like she knows, and her foot starts tapping and her body starts a movin’. I love it. I love what Music Together has done to my children and allowed me to do with my children..."


"Ava really loved the flute lesson...which prompted me to dig mine out!  Loved the class and look forward to next session!"


"Ryan is so excited to see you tomorrow! He can’t stop talking about it ! “I can see Mrs. Chrisi in my mind and she is going to be so excited to see me!” Thanks for being such an awesome part of my kids’ lives."